The Role of a Board of Trustees

What is a school board?

Every state and state-integrated school or kura in New Zealand has a board that governs it.

The board's role is to oversee the governance of its school or kura and to ensure that everything that needs to be done gets done - legally, ethically, and as well as possible in the best interests of its students.

The board is the employer of all staff, including the principal, and sets the overall strategic direction for the school or kura. The principal is the board's 'chief executive' and manages the day to day operations of the school or kura in line with the board's direction and policies. The board must also ensure it is a good employer to all the staff in the school or kura.

The board is elected by members of the school community to ensure that the school community has a voice in how its school operates.

Responsibilities of a Board of Trustees

A board is responsible for seven key work areas, which are:

  1. Setting the strategic direction and targets for the school or kura, development and ongoing review of the school charter.

  2. Planning towards and reporting on achieving the strategic direction targets, monitoring and reviewing your school’s progress.

  3. Policies and procedures, putting in place and maintaining a policy framework.

  4. Employment of staff at the school or kura, including employing the principal.

  5. Financial and property management, managing assets.

  6. Health and safety, ensuring your school’s legal compliance.

  7. Curriculum management, implementing the National Education Guidelines.

More information on the role of governing boards can be found in Section 127 of the Education and Training Act 2020:

Interested in joining our Board of Trustees

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