Satellite Classes


Wairau Valley Special School has its base school on Hillside Road in Glenfield, where approximately 50% of our students attend each day. The other 50%, while enrolled at our school, are in satellite classes in other local schools that we have close relationships with. These are Glenfield Primary School, Birkdale North School, Glenfield Intermediate and Glenfield College. A satellite class is a class that belongs to a special school, but is located in a nearby ‘mainstream’ school or host school. 


Wairau Valley Special School currently has eleven satellite classes and a tertiary unit at 1/29 Northcroft Street in Takapuna. The students in these classes are included as much as possible in the regular school life, as well as having the wonderful support and expertiseof the special school staff. Sometimes students will participate in a mainstream class, supported by either one of our teachers or teacher aides. Often classes will have a buddy class from the mainstream schools they work closely with or a mainstream class may join the satellite class in their room and share their learning (reverse integration).

These opportunities provide many benefits for our students who are in satellite classes and for the host school children, who get to know our students. This helps the students from the host school to understand that although our students may seem different, they are also young people with a lot of talents and strengths they can share. We appreciate the support we get from our host schools and value the ongoing relationship we have with them.