Base School

The main buildings located on Hillside Road are the administrative centre for the whole school. They comprise of a number of classrooms, the swimming pool, sensory room and garden, gym and playgrounds for both the junior and senior students. This is also where the therapists have their offices.

A range of events are held here, including IEP meetings, assemblies, “meet and greet the teacher” evenings and prize giving ceremonies.

There are currently thirteen classes situated at the base school and all satellite classes have access to the facilities through timetabled sessions during the week. Satellite classes also join the base classes for a “buddy” period, where they work collaboratively on a variety of activities.

All five-year-old students who join the school begin their learning journey at base. This allows the team of therapists to fully assess them as individuals, ascertain their needs and have a high level of input to their programmes.

The buildings are currently undergoing a period of transformation, including the refurbishment of the therapists and administrative offices. An all-weather cover for the senior playground has already been completed and the grassed area behind the school has been fenced, providing a great space for outdoor activities. Next on the list is an updating of the swimming pool, gym and sensory garden.  Exciting times for the staff and students.

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